Eyes Tell All: Irregular Pupil Shapes Reveal GAN-generated Faces

  • 2021-09-01 03:25:50
  • Hui Guo, Shu Hu, Xin Wang, Ming-Ching Chang, Siwei Lyu
  • 1165


Generative adversary network (GAN) generated high-realistic human faces havebeen used as profile images for fake social media accounts and are visuallychallenging to discern from real ones. In this work, we show that GAN-generatedfaces can be exposed via irregular pupil shapes. This phenomenon is caused bythe lack of physiological constraints in the GAN models. We demonstrate thatsuch artifacts exist widely in high-quality GAN-generated faces and furtherdescribe an automatic method to extract the pupils from two eyes and analysistheir shapes for exposing the GAN-generated faces. Qualitative and quantitativeevaluations of our method suggest its simplicity and effectiveness indistinguishing GAN-generated faces.


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