An ASP-based Solution to the Chemotherapy Treatment Scheduling problem

  • 2021-08-25 14:26:46
  • Carmine Dodaro, Giuseppe Galatà, Andrea Grioni, Marco Maratea, Marco Mochi, Ivan Porro
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The problem of scheduling chemotherapy treatments in oncology clinics is acomplex problem, given that the solution has to satisfy (as much as possible)several requirements such as the cyclic nature of chemotherapy treatment plans,maintaining a constant number of patients, and the availability of resources,e.g., treatment time, nurses, and drugs. At the same time, realizing asatisfying schedule is of upmost importance for obtaining the best healthoutcomes. In this paper we first consider a specific instance of the problemwhich is employed in the San Martino Hospital in Genova, Italy, and present asolution to the problem based on Answer Set Programming (ASP). Then, we enrichthe problem and the related ASP encoding considering further features oftenemployed in other hospitals, desirable also in S. Martino, and/or considered inrelated papers. Results of an experimental analysis, conducted on the real dataprovided by the San Martino Hospital, show that ASP is an effective solvingmethodology also for this important scheduling problem. Under consideration foracceptance in TPLP.


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