Domain Adaptor Networks for Hyperspectral Image Recognition

  • 2021-08-03 15:06:39
  • Gustavo Perez, Subhransu Maji
  • 2


We consider the problem of adapting a network trained on three-channel colorimages to a hyperspectral domain with a large number of channels. To this end,we propose domain adaptor networks that map the input to be compatible with anetwork trained on large-scale color image datasets such as ImageNet. Adaptorsenable learning on small hyperspectral datasets where training a network fromscratch may not be effective. We investigate architectures and strategies fortraining adaptors and evaluate them on a benchmark consisting of multiplehyperspectral datasets. We find that simple schemes such as linear projectionor subset selection are often the most effective, but can lead to a loss inperformance in some cases. We also propose a novel multi-view adaptor where ofthe inputs are combined in an intermediate layer of the network in an orderinvariant manner that provides further improvements. We present extensiveexperiments by varying the number of training examples in the benchmark tocharacterize the accuracy and computational trade-offs offered by theseadaptors.


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