Recursive Least Squares Based Refinement Network for the Rollout Trajectory Prediction Methods

  • 2021-08-03 15:35:01
  • Qifan Xue, Xuanpeng Li, Weigong Zhang
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Trajectory prediction plays a pivotal role in the field of intelligentvehicles. It currently suffers from several challenges,e.g., accumulative errorin rollout process and weak adaptability in various scenarios. This paperproposes a parametric-learning recursive least squares (RLS) estimation basedon deep neural network for trajectory prediction. We design a flexible plug-inmodule which can be readily implanted into rollout approaches. Goal points areproposed to capture the long-term prediction stability from the globalperspective. We carried experiments out on the NGSIM dataset. The promisingresults indicate that our method could improve rollout trajectory predictionmethods effectively.


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