Scheduling Aerial Vehicles in an Urban Air Mobility Scheme

  • 2021-08-03 16:18:01
  • Emmanouil S. Rigas, Panayiotis Kolios, Georgios Ellinas
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Highly populated cities face several challenges, one of them being theintense traffic congestion. In recent years, the concept of Urban Air Mobilityhas been put forward by large companies and organizations as a way to addressthis problem, and this approach has been rapidly gaining ground. Thisdisruptive technology involves aerial vehicles (AVs) for hire than can beutilized by customers to travel between locations within large cities. Thisconcept has the potential to drastically decrease traffic congestion and reduceair pollution, since these vehicles typically use electric motors powered bybatteries. This work studies the problem of scheduling the assignment of AVs tocustomers, having as a goal to maximize the serviced customers and minimize theenergy consumption of the AVs by forcing them to fly at the lowest possiblealtitude. Initially, an Integer Linear Program (ILP) formulation is presented,that is solved offline and optimally, followed by a near-optimal algorithm,that solves the problem incrementally, one AV at a time, to address scalabilityissues, allowing scheduling in problems involving large numbers of locations,AVs, and customer requests.


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