A probabilistic database approach to autoencoder-based data cleaning

  • 2021-08-03 16:51:06
  • R. R. Mauritz, F. P. J. Nijweide, J. Goseling, M. van Keulen
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Data quality problems are a large threat in data science. In this paper, wepropose a data-cleaning autoencoder capable of near-automatic data qualityimprovement. It learns the structure and dependencies in the data and uses itas evidence to identify and correct doubtful values. We apply a probabilisticdatabase approach to represent weak and strong evidence for attribute valuerepairs. A theoretical framework is provided, and experiments show that it canremove significant amounts of noise (i.e., data quality problems) fromcategorical and numeric probabilistic data. Our method does not require cleandata. We do, however, show that manually cleaning a small fraction of the datasignificantly improves performance.


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