One Question Answering Model for Many Languages with Cross-lingual Dense Passage Retrieval

  • 2021-07-26 06:02:54
  • Akari Asai, Xinyan Yu, Jungo Kasai, Hannaneh Hajishirzi
  • 3


We present CORA, a Cross-lingual Open-Retrieval Answer Generation model thatcan answer questions across many languages even when language-specificannotated data or knowledge sources are unavailable. We introduce a new densepassage retrieval algorithm that is trained to retrieve documents acrosslanguages for a question. Combined with a multilingual autoregressivegeneration model, CORA answers directly in the target language without anytranslation or in-language retrieval modules as used in prior work. We proposean iterative training method that automatically extends annotated dataavailable only in high-resource languages to low-resource ones. Our resultsshow that CORA substantially outperforms the previous state of the art onmultilingual open question answering benchmarks across 26 languages, 9 of whichare unseen during training. Our analyses show the significance of cross-lingualretrieval and generation in many languages, particularly under low-resourcesettings.


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