Including Signed Languages in Natural Language Processing

  • 2021-07-22 19:12:46
  • Kayo Yin, Amit Moryossef, Julie Hochgesang, Yoav Goldberg, Malihe Alikhani
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Signed languages are the primary means of communication for many deaf andhard of hearing individuals. Since signed languages exhibit all the fundamentallinguistic properties of natural language, we believe that tools and theoriesof Natural Language Processing (NLP) are crucial towards its modeling. However,existing research in Sign Language Processing (SLP) seldom attempt to exploreand leverage the linguistic organization of signed languages. This positionpaper calls on the NLP community to include signed languages as a research areawith high social and scientific impact. We first discuss the linguisticproperties of signed languages to consider during their modeling. Then, wereview the limitations of current SLP models and identify the open challengesto extend NLP to signed languages. Finally, we urge (1) the adoption of anefficient tokenization method; (2) the development of linguistically-informedmodels; (3) the collection of real-world signed language data; (4) theinclusion of local signed language communities as an active and leading voicein the direction of research.


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