Evidential Deep Learning for Open Set Action Recognition

  • 2021-07-21 15:45:37
  • Wentao Bao, Qi Yu, Yu Kong
  • 1


In a real-world scenario, human actions are typically out of the distributionfrom training data, which requires a model to both recognize the known actionsand reject the unknown. Different from image data, video actions are morechallenging to be recognized in an open-set setting due to the uncertaintemporal dynamics and static bias of human actions. In this paper, we propose aDeep Evidential Action Recognition (DEAR) method to recognize actions in anopen testing set. Specifically, we formulate the action recognition problemfrom the evidential deep learning (EDL) perspective and propose a novel modelcalibration method to regularize the EDL training. Besides, to mitigate thestatic bias of video representation, we propose a plug-and-play module todebias the learned representation through contrastive learning. Experimentalresults show that our DEAR method achieves consistent performance gain onmultiple mainstream action recognition models and benchmarks. Codes andpre-trained weights will be made available upon paper acceptance.


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