Personalized Counterfactual Fairness in Recommendation

  • 2021-07-21 15:52:26
  • Yunqi Li, Hanxiong Chen, Shuyuan Xu, Yingqiang Ge, Yongfeng Zhang
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Recommender systems are gaining increasing and critical impacts on human andsociety since a growing number of users use them for information seeking anddecision making. Therefore, it is crucial to address the potential unfairnessproblems in recommendations. Just like users have personalized preferences onitems, users' demands for fairness are also personalized in many scenarios.Therefore, it is important to provide personalized fair recommendations forusers to satisfy their personalized fairness demands. Besides, previous workson fair recommendation mainly focus on association-based fairness. However, itis important to advance from associative fairness notions to causal fairnessnotions for assessing fairness more properly in recommender systems. Based onthe above considerations, this paper focuses on achieving personalizedcounterfactual fairness for users in recommender systems. To this end, weintroduce a framework for achieving counterfactually fair recommendationsthrough adversary learning by generating feature-independent user embeddingsfor recommendation. The framework allows recommender systems to achievepersonalized fairness for users while also covering non-personalizedsituations. Experiments on two real-world datasets with shallow and deeprecommendation algorithms show that our method can generate fairerrecommendations for users with a desirable recommendation performance.


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