Objective video quality metrics application to video codecs comparisons: choosing the best for subjective quality estimation

  • 2021-07-21 17:18:11
  • Anastasia Antsiferova, Alexander Yakovenko, Nickolay Safonov, Dmitriy Kulikov, Alexander Gushin, Dmitriy Vatolin
  • 2


Quality assessment plays a key role in creating and comparing videocompression algorithms. Despite the development of a large number of newmethods for assessing quality, generally accepted and well-known codecscomparisons mainly use the classical methods like PSNR, SSIM and new methodVMAF. These methods can be calculated following different rules: they can usedifferent frame-by-frame averaging techniques or different summation of colorcomponents. In this paper, a fundamental comparison of various versions ofgenerally accepted metrics is carried out to find the most relevant andrecommended versions of video quality metrics to be used in codecs comparisons.For comparison, we used a set of videos encoded with video codecs of differentstandards, and visual quality scores collected for the resulting set of streamssince 2018 until 2021


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