CycleMLP: A MLP-like Architecture for Dense Prediction

  • 2021-07-21 17:23:06
  • Shoufa Chen, Enze Xie, Chongjian Ge, Ding Liang, Ping Luo
  • 80


This paper presents a simple MLP-like architecture, CycleMLP, which is aversatile backbone for visual recognition and dense predictions, unlike modernMLP architectures, e.g., MLP-Mixer, ResMLP, and gMLP, whose architectures arecorrelated to image size and thus are infeasible in object detection andsegmentation. CycleMLP has two advantages compared to modern approaches. (1) Itcan cope with various image sizes. (2) It achieves linear computationalcomplexity to image size by using local windows. In contrast, previous MLPshave quadratic computations because of their fully spatial connections. Webuild a family of models that surpass existing MLPs and achieve a comparableaccuracy (83.2%) on ImageNet-1K classification compared to the state-of-the-artTransformer such as Swin Transformer (83.3%) but using fewer parameters andFLOPs. We expand the MLP-like models' applicability, making them a versatilebackbone for dense prediction tasks. CycleMLP aims to provide a competitivebaseline on object detection, instance segmentation, and semantic segmentationfor MLP models. In particular, CycleMLP achieves 45.1 mIoU on ADE20K val,comparable to Swin (45.2 mIOU). Code is available at\url{}.


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