Bridging the Gap between Spatial and Spectral Domains: A Theoretical Framework for Graph Neural Networks

  • 2021-07-21 17:34:33
  • Zhiqian Chen, Fanglan Chen, Lei Zhang, Taoran Ji, Kaiqun Fu, Liang Zhao, Feng Chen, Lingfei Wu, Charu Aggarwal, Chang-Tien Lu
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During the past decade, deep learning's performance has been widelyrecognized in a variety of machine learning tasks, ranging from imageclassification, speech recognition to natural language understanding. Graphneural networks (GNN) are a type of deep learning that is designed to handlenon-Euclidean issues using graph-structured data that are difficult to solvewith traditional deep learning techniques. The majority of GNNs were createdusing a variety of processes, including random walk, PageRank, graphconvolution, and heat diffusion, making direct comparisons impossible. Previousstudies have primarily focused on classifying current models into distinctcategories, with little investigation of their internal relationships. Thisresearch proposes a unified theoretical framework and a novel perspective thatcan methodologically integrate existing GNN into our framework. We survey andcategorize existing GNN models into spatial and spectral domains, as well asshow linkages between subcategories within each domain. Further investigationreveals a strong relationship between the spatial, spectral, and subgroups ofthese domains.


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