Fast and Explicit Neural View Synthesis

  • 2021-07-12 23:24:53
  • Pengsheng Guo, Miguel Angel Bautista, Alex Colburn, Liang Yang, Daniel Ulbricht, Joshua M. Susskind, Qi Shan
  • 17


We study the problem of novel view synthesis of a scene comprised of 3Dobjects. We propose a simple yet effective approach that is neither continuousnor implicit, challenging recent trends on view synthesis. We demonstrate thatalthough continuous radiance field representations have gained a lot ofattention due to their expressive power, our simple approach obtains comparableor even better novel view reconstruction quality comparing withstate-of-the-art baselines while increasing rendering speed by over 400x. Ourmodel is trained in a category-agnostic manner and does not requirescene-specific optimization. Therefore, it is able to generalize novel viewsynthesis to object categories not seen during training. In addition, we showthat with our simple formulation, we can use view synthesis as aself-supervision signal for efficient learning of 3D geometry without explicit3D supervision.


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