Industry and Academic Research in Computer Vision

  • 2021-07-10 20:09:52
  • Iuliia Kotseruba
  • 20


This work aims to study the dynamic between research in the industry andacademia in computer vision. The results are demonstrated on a set of top-5vision conferences that are representative of the field. Since data for suchanalysis was not readily available, significant effort was spent on gatheringand processing meta-data from the original publications. First, this studyquantifies the share of industry-sponsored research. Specifically, it showsthat the proportion of papers published by industry-affiliated researchers isincreasing and that more academics join companies or collaborate with them.Next, the possible impact of industry presence is further explored, namely inthe distribution of research topics and citation patterns. The results indicatethat the distribution of the research topics is similar in industry andacademic papers. However, there is a strong preference towards citing industrypapers. Finally, possible reasons for citation bias, such as code availabilityand influence, are investigated.


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