ConvNets and ImageNet Beyond Accuracy: Explanations, Bias Detection, Adversarial Examples and Model Criticism

  • 2017-11-30 14:50:55
  • Pierre Stock, Moustapha Cisse
  • 28


ConvNets and Imagenet have driven the recent success of deep learning forimage classification. However, the marked slowdown in performance improvement,the recent studies on the lack of robustness of neural networks to adversarialexamples and their tendency to exhibit undesirable biases (e.g racial biases)questioned the reliability and the sustained development of these methods. Thiswork investigates these questions from the perspective of the end-user by usinghuman subject studies and explanations. We experimentally demonstrate that theaccuracy and robustness of ConvNets measured on Imagenet are underestimated. Weshow that explanations can mitigate the impact of misclassified adversarialexamples from the perspective of the end-user and we introduce a novel tool foruncovering the undesirable biases learned by a model. These contributions alsoshow that explanations are a promising tool for improving our understanding ofConvNets' predictions and for designing more reliable models


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