Self-Attention Between Datapoints: Going Beyond Individual Input-Output Pairs in Deep Learning

  • 2021-06-04 16:30:49
  • Jannik Kossen, Neil Band, Clare Lyle, Aidan N. Gomez, Tom Rainforth, Yarin Gal
  • 32


We challenge a common assumption underlying most supervised deep learning:that a model makes a prediction depending only on its parameters and thefeatures of a single input. To this end, we introduce a general-purpose deeplearning architecture that takes as input the entire dataset instead ofprocessing one datapoint at a time. Our approach uses self-attention to reasonabout relationships between datapoints explicitly, which can be seen asrealizing non-parametric models using parametric attention mechanisms. However,unlike conventional non-parametric models, we let the model learn end-to-endfrom the data how to make use of other datapoints for prediction. Empirically,our models solve cross-datapoint lookup and complex reasoning tasks unsolvableby traditional deep learning models. We show highly competitive results ontabular data, early results on CIFAR-10, and give insight into how the modelmakes use of the interactions between points.


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