Towards Learning to Play Piano with Dexterous Hands and Touch

  • 2021-06-03 17:59:31
  • Huazhe Xu, Yuping Luo, Shaoxiong Wang, Trevor Darrell, Roberto Calandra
  • 49


The virtuoso plays the piano with passion, poetry and extraordinary technicalability. As Liszt said (a virtuoso)must call up scent and blossom, and breathethe breath of life. The strongest robots that can play a piano are based on acombination of specialized robot hands/piano and hardcoded planning algorithms.In contrast to that, in this paper, we demonstrate how an agent can learndirectly from machine-readable music score to play the piano with dexteroushands on a simulated piano using reinforcement learning (RL) from scratch. Wedemonstrate the RL agents can not only find the correct key position but alsodeal with various rhythmic, volume and fingering, requirements. We achieve thisby using a touch-augmented reward and a novel curriculum of tasks. We concludeby carefully studying the important aspects to enable such learning algorithmsand that can potentially shed light on future research in this direction.


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