Deep Reinforcement Learning in Quantitative Algorithmic Trading: A Review

  • 2021-05-31 22:26:43
  • Tidor-Vlad Pricope
  • 16


Algorithmic stock trading has become a staple in today's financial market,the majority of trades being now fully automated. Deep Reinforcement Learning(DRL) agents proved to be to a force to be reckon with in many complex gameslike Chess and Go. We can look at the stock market historical price series andmovements as a complex imperfect information environment in which we try tomaximize return - profit and minimize risk. This paper reviews the progressmade so far with deep reinforcement learning in the subdomain of AI in finance,more precisely, automated low-frequency quantitative stock trading. Many of thereviewed studies had only proof-of-concept ideals with experiments conducted inunrealistic settings and no real-time trading applications. For the majority ofthe works, despite all showing statistically significant improvements inperformance compared to established baseline strategies, no decentprofitability level was obtained. Furthermore, there is a lack of experimentaltesting in real-time, online trading platforms and a lack of meaningfulcomparisons between agents built on different types of DRL or human traders. Weconclude that DRL in stock trading has showed huge applicability potentialrivalling professional traders under strong assumptions, but the research isstill in the very early stages of development.


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