Omnizart: A General Toolbox for Automatic Music Transcription

  • 2021-06-01 14:00:14
  • Yu-Te Wu, Yin-Jyun Luo, Tsung-Ping Chen, I-Chieh Wei, Jui-Yang Hsu, Yi-Chin Chuang, Li Su
  • 32


We present and release Omnizart, a new Python library that provides astreamlined solution to automatic music transcription (AMT). Omnizartencompasses modules that construct the life-cycle of deep learning-based AMT,and is designed for ease of use with a compact command-line interface. To thebest of our knowledge, Omnizart is the first transcription toolkit which offersmodels covering a wide class of instruments ranging from solo, instrumentensembles, percussion instruments to vocal, as well as models for chordrecognition and beat/downbeat tracking, two music information retrieval (MIR)tasks highly related to AMT.


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