Learning to Segment Every Thing

  • 2017-11-28 16:05:24
  • Ronghang Hu, Piotr Doll├ír, Kaiming He, Trevor Darrell, Ross Girshick
  • 55


Existing methods for object instance segmentation require all traininginstances to be labeled with segmentation masks. This requirement makes itexpensive to annotate new categories and has restricted instance segmentationmodels to ~100 well-annotated classes. The goal of this paper is to propose anew partially supervised training paradigm, together with a novel weighttransfer function, that enables training instance segmentation models over alarge set of categories for which all have box annotations, but only a smallfraction have mask annotations. These contributions allow us to train MaskR-CNN to detect and segment 3000 visual concepts using box annotations from theVisual Genome dataset and mask annotations from the 80 classes in the COCOdataset. We carefully evaluate our proposed approach in a controlled study onthe COCO dataset. This work is a first step towards instance segmentationmodels that have broad comprehension of the visual world.


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