Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Air-to-Air Combat

  • 2021-05-03 16:40:00
  • Adrian P. Pope, Jaime S. Ide, Daria Micovic, Henry Diaz, David Rosenbluth, Lee Ritholtz, Jason C. Twedt, Thayne T. Walker, Kevin Alcedo, Daniel Javorsek
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a critical component in the defenseindustry, as recently demonstrated by DARPA`s AlphaDogfight Trials (ADT). ADTsought to vet the feasibility of AI algorithms capable of piloting an F-16 insimulated air-to-air combat. As a participant in ADT, Lockheed Martin`s (LM)approach combines a hierarchical architecture with maximum-entropyreinforcement learning (RL), integrates expert knowledge through rewardshaping, and supports modularity of policies. This approach achieved a $2^{nd}$place finish in the final ADT event (among eight total competitors) anddefeated a graduate of the US Air Force's (USAF) F-16 Weapons Instructor Coursein match play.


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