Enhanced U-Net: A Feature Enhancement Network for Polyp Segmentation

  • 2021-05-03 16:46:26
  • Krushi Patel, Andres M. Bur, Guanghui Wang
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Colonoscopy is a procedure to detect colorectal polyps which are the primarycause for developing colorectal cancer. However, polyp segmentation is achallenging task due to the diverse shape, size, color, and texture of polyps,shuttle difference between polyp and its background, as well as low contrast ofthe colonoscopic images. To address these challenges, we propose a featureenhancement network for accurate polyp segmentation in colonoscopy images.Specifically, the proposed network enhances the semantic information using thenovel Semantic Feature Enhance Module (SFEM). Furthermore, instead of directlyadding encoder features to the respective decoder layer, we introduce anAdaptive Global Context Module (AGCM), which focuses only on the encoder'ssignificant and hard fine-grained features. The integration of these twomodules improves the quality of features layer by layer, which in turn enhancesthe final feature representation. The proposed approach is evaluated on fivecolonoscopy datasets and demonstrates superior performance compared to otherstate-of-the-art models.


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