Leveraging Deep Representations of Radiology Reports in Survival Analysis for Predicting Heart Failure Patient Mortality

  • 2021-05-03 16:54:52
  • Hyun Gi Lee, Evan Sholle, Ashley Beecy, Subhi Al'Aref, Yifan Peng
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Utilizing clinical texts in survival analysis is difficult because they arelargely unstructured. Current automatic extraction models fail to capturetextual information comprehensively since their labels are limited in scope.Furthermore, they typically require a large amount of data and high-qualityexpert annotations for training. In this work, we present a novel method ofusing BERT-based hidden layer representations of clinical texts as covariatesfor proportional hazards models to predict patient survival outcomes. We showthat hidden layers yield notably more accurate predictions than predefinedfeatures, outperforming the previous baseline model by 5.7% on average acrossC-index and time-dependent AUC. We make our work publicly available athttps://github.com/bionlplab/heart_failure_mortality.


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