Bag of Baselines for Multi-objective Joint Neural Architecture Search and Hyperparameter Optimization

  • 2021-05-03 17:04:56
  • Julia Guerrero-Viu, Sven Hauns, Sergio Izquierdo, Guilherme Miotto, Simon Schrodi, Andre Biedenkapp, Thomas Elsken, Difan Deng, Marius Lindauer, Frank Hutter
  • 1


Neural architecture search (NAS) and hyperparameter optimization (HPO) makedeep learning accessible to non-experts by automatically finding thearchitecture of the deep neural network to use and tuning the hyperparametersof the used training pipeline. While both NAS and HPO have been studiedextensively in recent years, NAS methods typically assume fixed hyperparametersand vice versa - there exists little work on joint NAS + HPO. Furthermore, NAShas recently often been framed as a multi-objective optimization problem, inorder to take, e.g., resource requirements into account. In this paper, wepropose a set of methods that extend current approaches to jointly optimizeneural architectures and hyperparameters with respect to multiple objectives.We hope that these methods will serve as simple baselines for future researchon multi-objective joint NAS + HPO. To facilitate this, all our code isavailable at


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