Consumer Demand Modeling During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • 2021-05-03 17:36:06
  • Shaz Hoda, Amitoj Singh, Anand Rao, Remzi Ural, Nicholas Hodson
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The current pandemic has introduced substantial uncertainty to traditionalmethods for demand planning. These uncertainties stem from the diseaseprogression, government interventions, economy and consumer behavior. Whilemost of the emerging literature on the pandemic has focused on diseaseprogression, a few have focused on consequent regulations and their impact onindividual behavior. The contributions of this paper include a quantitativebehavior model of fear of COVID-19, impact of government interventions onconsumer behavior, and impact of consumer behavior on consumer choice and hencedemand for goods. It brings together multiple models for disease progression,consumer behavior and demand estimation-thus bridging the gap between diseaseprogression and consumer demand. We use panel regression to understand thedrivers of demand during the pandemic and Bayesian inference to simplify theregulation landscape that can help build scenarios for resilient demandplanning. We illustrate this resilient demand planning model using a specificexample of gas retailing. We find that demand is sensitive to fear of COVID-19:as the number of COVID-19 cases increase over the previous week, the demand forgas decreases -- though this dissipates over time. Further, governmentregulations restrict access to different services, thereby reducing mobility,which in itself reduces demand.


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