Safe Reinforcement Learning Using Robust Action Governor

  • 2021-04-30 14:17:53
  • Yutong Li, Nan Li, H. Eric Tseng, Anouck Girard, Dimitar Filev, Ilya Kolmanovsky
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Reinforcement Learning (RL) is essentially a trial-and-error learningprocedure which may cause unsafe behavior during theexploration-and-exploitation process. This hinders the application of RL toreal-world control problems, especially to those for safety-critical systems.In this paper, we introduce a framework for safe RL that is based onintegration of a RL algorithm with an add-on safety supervision module, calledthe Robust Action Governor (RAG), which exploits set-theoretic techniques andonline optimization to manage safety-related requirements during learning. Weillustrate this proposed safe RL framework through an application to automotiveadaptive cruise control.


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