EigenGAN: Layer-Wise Eigen-Learning for GANs

  • 2021-04-26 11:14:37
  • Zhenliang He, Meina Kan, Shiguang Shan
  • 92


Recent studies on Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) reveal that differentlayers of a generative CNN hold different semantics of the synthesized images.However, few GAN models have explicit dimensions to control the semanticattributes represented in a specific layer. This paper proposes EigenGAN whichis able to unsupervisedly mine interpretable and controllable dimensions fromdifferent generator layers. Specifically, EigenGAN embeds one linear subspacewith orthogonal basis into each generator layer. Via the adversarial trainingto learn a target distribution, these layer-wise subspaces automaticallydiscover a set of "eigen-dimensions" at each layer corresponding to a set ofsemantic attributes or interpretable variations. By traversing the coefficientof a specific eigen-dimension, the generator can produce samples withcontinuous changes corresponding to a specific semantic attribute. Taking thehuman face for example, EigenGAN can discover controllable dimensions forhigh-level concepts such as pose and gender in the subspace of deep layers, aswell as low-level concepts such as hue and color in the subspace of shallowlayers. Moreover, under the linear circumstance, we theoretically prove thatour algorithm derives the principal components as PCA does. Codes can be foundin https://github.com/LynnHo/EigenGAN-Tensorflow.


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