N-Shot Learning for Augmenting Task-Oriented Dialogue State Tracking

  • 2021-04-16 17:47:04
  • Taha Aksu, Zhengyuan Liu, Nancy F. Chen, Min-Yen Kan
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As the creation of task-oriented conversational data is costly, dataaugmentation techniques have been proposed to create synthetic data to improvemodel performance in new domains. Up to now, these learning-based techniques(e.g. paraphrasing) still require a moderate amount of data, making applicationto low-resource settings infeasible. To tackle this problem, we introduce anaugmentation framework that creates synthetic task-oriented dialogues,operating with as few as 5 shots. Our framework utilizes belief stateannotations to define dialogue functions of each turn pair. It then createstemplates of pairs through de-lexicalization, where the dialogue functioncodifies the allowable incoming and outgoing links of each template. Togenerate new dialogues, our framework composes allowable adjacent templates ina bottom-up manner. We evaluate our framework using TRADE as the base DSTmodel, observing significant improvements in the fine-tuning scenarios within alow-resource setting. We conclude that this end-to-end dialogue augmentationframework can be a practical tool for natural language understandingperformance in emerging task-oriented dialogue domains.


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