Camera View Adjustment Prediction for Improving Image Composition

  • 2021-04-15 17:18:31
  • Yu-Chuan Su, Raviteja Vemulapalli, Ben Weiss, Chun-Te Chu, Philip Andrew Mansfield, Lior Shapira, Colvin Pitts
  • 43


Image composition plays an important role in the quality of a photo. However,not every camera user possesses the knowledge and expertise required forcapturing well-composed photos. While post-capture cropping can improve thecomposition sometimes, it does not work in many common scenarios in which thephotographer needs to adjust the camera view to capture the best shot. Toaddress this issue, we propose a deep learning-based approach that providessuggestions to the photographer on how to adjust the camera view beforecapturing. By optimizing the composition before a photo is captured, our systemhelps photographers to capture better photos. As there is no publicly-availabledataset for this task, we create a view adjustment dataset by repurposingexisting image cropping datasets. Furthermore, we propose a two-stagesemi-supervised approach that utilizes both labeled and unlabeled images fortraining a view adjustment model. Experiment results show that the proposedsemi-supervised approach outperforms the corresponding supervised alternatives,and our user study results show that the suggested view adjustment improvesimage composition 79% of the time.


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