Towards Deployment of Deep-Reinforcement-Learning-Based Obstacle Avoidance into Conventional Autonomous Navigation Systems

  • 2021-04-08 08:56:53
  • Linh K√§stner, Teham Buiyan, Xinlin Zhao, Lei Jiao, Zhengcheng Shen, Jens Lambrecht
  • 1


Recently, mobile robots have become important tools in various industries,especially in logistics. Deep reinforcement learning emerged as an alternativeplanning method to replace overly conservative approaches and promises moreefficient and flexible navigation. However, deep reinforcement learningapproaches are not suitable for long-range navigation due to their proneness tolocal minima and lack of long term memory, which hinders its widespreadintegration into industrial applications of mobile robotics. In this paper, wepropose a navigation system incorporating deep-reinforcement-learning-basedlocal planners into conventional navigation stacks for long-range navigation.Therefore, a framework for training and testing the deep reinforcement learningalgorithms along with classic approaches is presented. We evaluated ourdeep-reinforcement-learning-enhanced navigation system against variousconventional planners and found that our system outperforms them in terms ofsafety, efficiency and robustness.


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