Connecting Deep-Reinforcement-Learning-based Obstacle Avoidance with Conventional Global Planners using Waypoint Generators

  • 2021-04-08 10:23:23
  • Linh K√§stner, Teham Buiyan, Xinlin Zhao, Zhengcheng Shen, Cornelius Marx, Jens Lambrecht
  • 1


Deep Reinforcement Learning has emerged as an efficient dynamic obstacleavoidance method in highly dynamic environments. It has the potential toreplace overly conservative or inefficient navigation approaches. However, theintegration of Deep Reinforcement Learning into existing navigation systems isstill an open frontier due to the myopic nature ofDeep-Reinforcement-Learning-based navigation, which hinders its widespreadintegration into current navigation systems. In this paper, we propose theconcept of an intermediate planner to interconnect novelDeep-Reinforcement-Learning-based obstacle avoidance with conventional globalplanning methods using waypoint generation. Therefore, we integrate differentwaypoint generators into existing navigation systems and compare the jointsystem against traditional ones. We found an increased performance in terms ofsafety, efficiency and path smoothness especially in highly dynamicenvironments.


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