LIFE: Lighting Invariant Flow Estimation

  • 2021-04-07 12:43:40
  • Zhaoyang Huang, Xiaokun Pan, Runsen Xu, Yan Xu, Kachun Cheung, Guofeng Zhang, Hongsheng Li
  • 66


We tackle the problem of estimating flow between two images with largelighting variations. Recent learning-based flow estimation frameworks haveshown remarkable performance on image pairs with small displacement andconstant illuminations, but cannot work well on cases with large viewpointchange and lighting variations because of the lack of pixel-wise flowannotations for such cases. We observe that via the Structure-from-Motion (SfM)techniques, one can easily estimate relative camera poses between image pairswith large viewpoint change and lighting variations. We propose a novel weaklysupervised framework LIFE to train a neural network for estimating accuratelighting-invariant flows between image pairs. Sparse correspondences areconventionally established via feature matching with descriptors encoding localimage contents. However, local image contents are inevitably ambiguous anderror-prone during the cross-image feature matching process, which hindersdownstream tasks. We propose to guide feature matching with the flows predictedby LIFE, which addresses the ambiguous matching by utilizing abundant contextinformation in the image pairs. We show that LIFE outperforms previous flowlearning frameworks by large margins in challenging scenarios, consistentlyimproves feature matching, and benefits downstream tasks.


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