Leaving Goals on the Pitch: Evaluating Decision Making in Soccer

  • 2021-04-07 16:56:31
  • Maaike Van Roy, Pieter Robberechts, Wen-Chi Yang, Luc De Raedt, Jesse Davis
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Analysis of the popular expected goals (xG) metric in soccer has determinedthat a (slightly) smaller number of high-quality attempts will likely yieldmore goals than a slew of low-quality ones. This observation has driven achange in shooting behavior. Teams are passing up on shots from outside thepenalty box, in the hopes of generating a better shot closer to goal later on.This paper evaluates whether this decrease in long-distance shots is warranted.Therefore, we propose a novel generic framework to reason about decision-makingin soccer by combining techniques from machine learning and artificialintelligence (AI). First, we model how a team has behaved offensively over thecourse of two seasons by learning a Markov Decision Process (MDP) from eventstream data. Second, we use reasoning techniques arising from the AI literatureon verification to each team's MDP. This allows us to reason about the efficacyof certain potential decisions by posing counterfactual questions to the MDP.Our key conclusion is that teams would score more goals if they shot more oftenfrom outside the penalty box in a small number of team-specific locations. Theproposed framework can easily be extended and applied to analyze other aspectsof the game.


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