Dynamic Silos: Modularity in intra-organizational communication networks before and during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • 2021-04-07 17:41:35
  • Jonathan Larson, Tiona Zuzul, Emily Cox Pahnke, Neha Parikh Shah, Patrick Bourke, Nicholas Caurvina, Fereshteh Amini, Youngser Park, Joshua Vogelstein, Jeffrey Weston, Christopher White, Carey E. Priebe
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Workplace communications around the world were drastically altered byCovid-19, work-from-home orders, and the rise of remote work. We analyzeaggregated, anonymized metadata from over 360 billion emails within over 4000organizations worldwide to examine changes in network community structures from2019 through 2020. We find that, during 2020, organizations around the worldbecame more siloed, evidenced by increased modularity. This shift wasconcurrent with decreased stability, indicating that organizational siloes hadless stable membership. We provide initial insights into the implications ofthese network changes -- which we term dynamic silos -- for organizationalperformance and innovation.


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