A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Rebalancing Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems

  • 2021-04-06 14:14:30
  • Aigerim Bogyrbayeva, Sungwook Jang, Ankit Shah, Young Jae Jang, Changhyun Kwon
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This paper proposes a reinforcement learning approach for nightly offlinerebalancing operations in free-floating electric vehicle sharing systems(FFEVSS). Due to sparse demand in a network, FFEVSS require relocation ofelectrical vehicles (EVs) to charging stations and demander nodes, which istypically done by a group of drivers. A shuttle is used to pick up and drop offdrivers throughout the network. The objective of this study is to solve theshuttle routing problem to finish the rebalancing work in the minimal time. Weconsider a reinforcement learning framework for the problem, in which a centralcontroller determines the routing policies of a fleet of multiple shuttles. Wedeploy a policy gradient method for training recurrent neural networks andcompare the obtained policy results with heuristic solutions. Our numericalstudies show that unlike the existing solutions in the literature, the proposedmethods allow to solve the general version of the problem with no restrictionson the urban EV network structure and charging requirements of EVs. Moreover,the learned policies offer a wide range of flexibility resulting in asignificant reduction in the time needed to rebalance the network.


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