Using Artificial Intelligence to Shed Light on the Star of Biscuits: The Jaffa Cake

  • 2021-03-30 18:00:02
  • H. F. Stevance
  • 62


Before Brexit, one of the greatest causes of arguments amongst Britishfamilies was the question of the nature of Jaffa Cakes. Some argue that theirsize and host environment (the biscuit aisle) should make them a biscuit intheir own right. Others consider that their physical properties (e.g. theyharden rather than soften on becoming stale) suggest that they are in factcake. In order to finally put this debate to rest, we re-purpose technologiesused to classify transient events. We train two classifiers (a Random Forestand a Support Vector Machine) on 100 recipes of traditional cakes and biscuits.Our classifiers have 95 percent and 91 percent accuracy respectively. Finallywe feed two Jaffa Cake recipes to the algorithms and find that Jaffa Cakes are,without a doubt, cakes. Finally, we suggest a new theory as to why some believeJaffa Cakes are biscuits.


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