FaiR-IoT: Fairness-aware Human-in-the-Loop Reinforcement Learning for Harnessing Human Variability in Personalized IoT

  • 2021-03-30 02:30:25
  • Salma Elmalaki
  • 0


Thanks to the rapid growth in wearable technologies, monitoring complex humancontext becomes feasible, paving the way to develop human-in-the-loop IoTsystems that naturally evolve to adapt to the human and environment stateautonomously. Nevertheless, a central challenge in designing such personalizedIoT applications arises from human variability. Such variability stems from thefact that different humans exhibit different behaviors when interacting withIoT applications (intra-human variability), the same human may change thebehavior over time when interacting with the same IoT application (inter-humanvariability), and human behavior may be affected by the behaviors of otherpeople in the same environment (multi-human variability). To that end, wepropose FaiR-IoT, a general reinforcement learning-based framework for adaptiveand fairness-aware human-in-the-loop IoT applications. In FaiR-IoT, threelevels of reinforcement learning agents interact to continuously learn humanpreferences and maximize the system's performance and fairness while takinginto account the intra-, inter-, and multi-human variability. We validate theproposed framework on two applications, namely (i) Human-in-the-Loop AutomotiveAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems and (ii) Human-in-the-Loop Smart House.Results obtained on these two applications validate the generality of FaiR-IoTand its ability to provide a personalized experience while enhancing thesystem's performance by 40%-60% compared to non-personalized systems andenhancing the fairness of the multi-human systems by 1.5 orders of magnitude.


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