Imposing Robust Structured Control Constraint on Reinforcement Learning of Linear Quadratic Regulator

  • 2021-02-19 19:28:13
  • Sayak Mukherjee, Thanh Long Vu
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This paper discusses learning a structured feedback control to obtainsufficient robustness to exogenous inputs for linear dynamic systems withunknown state matrix. The structural constraint on the controller is necessaryfor many cyber-physical systems, and our approach presents a design for anygeneric structure, paving the way for distributed learning control. The ideasfrom reinforcement learning (RL) in conjunction with control-theoreticsufficient stability and performance guarantees are used to develop themethodology. First, a model-based framework is formulated using dynamicprogramming to embed the structural constraint in the linear quadraticregulator (LQR) setting along with sufficient robustness conditions.Thereafter, we translate these conditions to a data-driven learning-basedframework - robust structured reinforcement learning (RSRL) that enjoys thecontrol-theoretic guarantees on stability and convergence. We validate ourtheoretical results with a simulation on a multi-agent network with 6 agents.


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