Interpret-able feedback for AutoML systems

  • 2021-02-22 18:54:26
  • Behnaz Arzani, Kevin Hsieh, Haoxian Chen
  • 4


Automated machine learning (AutoML) systems aim to enable training machinelearning (ML) models for non-ML experts. A shortcoming of these systems is thatwhen they fail to produce a model with high accuracy, the user has no path toimprove the model other than hiring a data scientist or learning ML -- thisdefeats the purpose of AutoML and limits its adoption. We introduce aninterpretable data feedback solution for AutoML. Our solution suggests new datapoints for the user to label (without requiring a pool of unlabeled data) toimprove the model's accuracy. Our solution analyzes how features influence theprediction among all ML models in an AutoML ensemble, and we suggest more datasamples from feature ranges that have high variance in such analysis. Ourevaluation shows that our solution can improve the accuracy of AutoML by 7-8%and significantly outperforms popular active learning solutions in dataefficiency, all the while providing the added benefit of being interpretable.


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