Reinforcement Learning For Data Poisoning on Graph Neural Networks

  • 2021-02-12 22:34:53
  • Jacob Dineen, A S M Ahsan-Ul Haque, Matthew Bielskas
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Adversarial Machine Learning has emerged as a substantial subfield ofComputer Science due to a lack of robustness in the models we train along withcrowdsourcing practices that enable attackers to tamper with data. In the lasttwo years, interest has surged in adversarial attacks on graphs yet the GraphClassification setting remains nearly untouched. Since a Graph Classificationdataset consists of discrete graphs with class labels, related work has forgonedirect gradient optimization in favor of an indirect Reinforcement Learningapproach. We will study the novel problem of Data Poisoning (training time)attack on Neural Networks for Graph Classification using Reinforcement LearningAgents.


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