Improving Object Detection in Art Images Using Only Style Transfer

  • 2021-02-12 13:48:46
  • David Kadish, Sebastian Risi, Anders Sundnes Løvlie
  • 25


Despite recent advances in object detection using deep learning neuralnetworks, these neural networks still struggle to identify objects in artimages such as paintings and drawings. This challenge is known as the crossdepiction problem and it stems in part from the tendency of neural networks toprioritize identification of an object's texture over its shape. In this paperwe propose and evaluate a process for training neural networks to localizeobjects - specifically people - in art images. We generate a large dataset fortraining and validation by modifying the images in the COCO dataset using AdaInstyle transfer. This dataset is used to fine-tune a Faster R-CNN objectdetection network, which is then tested on the existing People-Art testingdataset. The result is a significant improvement on the state of the art and anew way forward for creating datasets to train neural networks to process artimages.


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