Robust and Consistent Estimation of Word Embedding for Bangla Language by fine-tuning Word2Vec Model

  • 2021-01-12 13:51:27
  • Rifat Rahman
  • 0


In recent times, data is growing rapidly in every domain such as news, socialmedia, banking, education, etc. Due to the excessiveness of data, there is aneed for an automatic keyword extractor that can help to summarize the data.Keyword extraction is a text analysis technique that consists of automaticallyextracting the most important words and expressions in a text. It helpssummarize the content of a text and recognize the main topics which are beingdiscussed. Earlier works regarding this topic have been done but no significantwork was done for the Bangla language. So, we tried to achieve the same thingswhich could be done with other languages in the Bangla language.


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