New Approaches for Natural Language Understanding based on the Idea that Natural Language encodes both Information and its Processing Procedures

  • 2021-01-12 16:50:32
  • Limin Zhang
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We must recognize that natural language is a way of information encoding, andit encodes not only the information but also the procedures for how informationis processed. To understand natural language, the same as we conceive anddesign computer languages, the first step is to separate information (or data)and the processing procedures of information (or data). In natural language,some processing procedures of data are encoded directly as the structure chunkand the pointer chunk (this paper has reclassified lexical chunks as the datachunk, structure chunk, and the pointer chunk); some processing procedures ofdata imply in sentences structures; some requests of processing procedures areexpressed by information senders and processed by information receivers. Forthe data parts, the classification encoding system of attribute information andthe information organization architecture (including constitutional structuresof information sets and the hierarchy between the information sets) werediscussed. In section 2, the theoretical part elaborated in section 2 has beenverified in examples and proofed that the studies in this paper have achievedthe goal of enabling machines to understand the information conveyed in thedialogue. In section 4, the author summarizes the basic conditions of"Understanding", rethinks what "Understanding" is and how to proceed. The studyin this paper provides a practical, theoretical basis and research methods forNLU. It also can be applied in large-scale and multi-type informationprocessing in the artificial intelligence (AI) area.


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