Efficient Urdu Caption Generation using Attention based LSTMs

  • 2021-01-06 09:32:28
  • Inaam Ilahi, Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah Zia, Muhammad Ahtazaz Ahsan, Rauf Tabassam, Armaghan Ahmed
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Recent advancements in deep learning has created a lot of opportunities tosolve those real world problems which remained unsolved for more than a decade.Automatic caption generation is a major research field, and research communityhas done a lot of work on this problem on most common languages like English.Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and also much spoken and understoodin the sub-continent region of Pakistan-India, and yet no work has been donefor Urdu language caption generation. Our research aims to fill this gap bydeveloping an attention-based deep learning model using techniques of sequencemodelling specialized for Urdu language. We have prepared a dataset in Urdulanguage by translating a subset of "Flickr8k" dataset containing 700 'man'images. We evaluate our proposed technique on this dataset and show that it isable to achieve a BLEU score of 0.83 on Urdu language. We improve on thepreviously proposed techniques by using better CNN architectures andoptimization techniques. Furthermore, we also tried adding a grammar loss tothe model in order to make the predictions grammatically correct.


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