Combining Determinism and Indeterminism

  • 2020-11-19 18:22:48
  • Michael Stephen Fiske
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Our goal is to construct mathematical operations that combine indeterminismmeasured from quantum randomness with computational determinism so thatnon-mechanistic behavior is preserved in the computation. Formally, someresults about operations applied to computably enumerable (c.e.) and bi-immunesets are proven here, where the objective is for the operations to preservebi-immunity. While developing rearrangement operations on the natural numbers,we discovered that the bi-immune rearrangements generate an uncountablesubgroup of the infinite symmetric group (Sym$(\mathbb{N})$) on the naturalnumbers $\mathbb{N}$. This new uncountable subgroup is called the bi-immune symmetric group. Weshow that the bi-immune symmetric group contains the finitary symmetric groupon the natural numbers, and consequently is highly transitive. Furthermore, thebi-immune symmetric group is dense in Sym$(\mathbb{N})$ with respect to thepointwise convergence topology. The complete structure of the bi-immunesymmetric group and its subgroups generated by one or more bi-immunerearrangements is unknown.


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