A New Dataset and Proposed Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Classification of American Sign Language Digits

  • 2020-11-16 18:32:22
  • Arda Mavi
  • 1


In our interviews with people who work with speech impaired persons, welearned that speech impaired people have difficulties in communicating withother people around them who do not know the sign language, and this situationmay cause them to isolate themselves from society and lose their sense ofindependence. With this paper, to increase the quality of life of individualswith facilitating communication between individuals who use sign language andwho do not know this language, we created a new American Sign Language (ASL)digits dataset that can help to create machine learning algorithms which needto large and varied data to be successful, we published this dataset as SignLanguage Digits Dataset on Kaggle Datasets web page, we present a proposalConvolutional Neural Network (CNN) architecture that can get 98% test accuracyon our dataset, and we compared it with popular CNN models.


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