Conversational agents for learning foreign languages -- a survey

  • 2020-11-16 12:27:02
  • Jasna Petrovic, Mladjan Jovanovic
  • 1


Conversational practice, while crucial for all language learners, can bechallenging to get enough of and very expensive. Chatbots are computer programsdeveloped to engage in conversations with humans. They are designed as softwareavatars with limited, but growing conversational capability. The most naturaland potentially powerful application of chatbots is in line with theirfundamental nature - language practice. However, their role and outcomes within(in)formal language learning are currently tangential at best. Existingresearch in the area has generally focused on chatbots' comprehensibility andthe motivation they inspire in their users. In this paper, we provide anoverview of the chatbots for learning languages, critically analyze existingapproaches, and discuss the major challenges for future work.


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