SHAD3S: : A model to Sketch, Shade and Shadow

  • 2020-11-13 09:25:46
  • Raghav Brahmadesam Venkataramaiyer, Abhishek Joshi, Saisha Narang, Vinay P. Namboodiri
  • 50


Hatching is a common method used by artists to accentuate the third dimensionof a sketch, and to illuminate the scene. Our system SHAD3S attempts to competewith a human at hatching generic three-dimensional (3D) shapes, and also triesto assist her in a form exploration exercise. The novelty of our approach liesin the fact that we make no assumptions about the input other than that itrepresents a 3D shape, and yet, given a contextual information of illuminationand texture, we synthesise an accurate hatch pattern over the sketch, withoutaccess to 3D or pseudo 3D. In the process, we contribute towards a) a cheap yeteffective method to synthesise a sufficiently large high fidelity dataset,pertinent to task; b) creating a pipeline with conditional generativeadversarial network (CGAN); and c) creating an interactive utility with GIMP,that is a tool for artists to engage with automated hatching or aform-exploration exercise. User evaluation of the tool suggests that the modelperformance does generalise satisfactorily over diverse input, both in terms ofstyle as well as shape. A simple comparison of inception scores suggest thatthe generated distribution is as diverse as the ground truth.


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