Robust Reinforcement Learning for General Video Game Playing

  • 2020-11-11 08:28:20
  • Chengpeng Hu, Ziqi Wang, Tianye Shu, Yang Tao, Hao Tong, Julian Togelius, Xin Yao, Jialin Liu
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Reinforcement learning has successfully learned to play challenging board andvideo games. However, its generalization ability remains under-explored. TheGeneral Video Game AI Learning Competition aims at designing agents that arecapable of learning to play different games levels that were unseen duringtraining. This paper presents the games, entries and results of the 2020General Video Game AI Learning Competition, held at the Sixteenth InternationalConference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature and the 2020 IEEE Conferenceon Games. Three new games with sparse, periodic and dense rewards,respectively, were designed for this competition and the test levels weregenerated by adding minor perturbations to training levels or combiningtraining levels. In this paper, we also design a reinforcement learning agent,called Arcane, for general video game playing. We assume that it is more likelyto observe similar local information in different levels rather than globalinformation. Therefore, instead of directly inputting a single, raw pixel-basedscreenshot of current game screen, Arcane takes the encoded, transformed globaland local observations of the game screen as two simultaneous inputs, aiming atlearning local information for playing new levels. Two versions of Arcane,using a stochastic or deterministic policy for decision-making during test,both show robust performance on the game set of the 2020 General Video Game AILearning Competition.


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